Resources for young adults

Following are various resources we’ve compiled. We have varying degrees of familiarity with each. If you’d like us to try to help feel free to reach us at 302-563-9460 / and if you have any resources to add please let us know.

Young Adult Fund: Camp Possibilities has created a resource fund for young adults living with type-1 diabetes who have financial needs as they transition to independence. Learn more here and complete this application if you are interested in applying for funds.

Health Sherpa: An educational platform where you can self-educate and search for plans to enroll in the Affordable Health Care Act. Their customer support can be very helpful - (855) 772-2663

For Delaware: For Delaware residents you can learn more about the Diabetes Emergency Fund here. Qualified applicants may be awarded up to $500 for emergency supplies once every 12 months.

Medicaid: Click here to learn more and scroll down to see eligibility. if in Northern Wilmington can apply in person at Claymont Community Center - (302) 792-6500.

Maryland residents: Maryland Health Connection to begin the process of applying for Maryland State Medicaid health insurance or if it's already active explore how to renew it annually. Phone number for the agency is 1-855-642-8572. Generally most concerns can be addressed over the phone. However to apply for health insurance, create an online account through the Maryland Health Connection website here. Or, another way that may actually be easier and more reliable is to apply at a local Maryland Health Care Access location where there are certified financial counselors who can help them create an account and guide them through the process of applying and supply them with a receipt that the Medicaid state health insurance application has been submitted and further could follow-up with them once their health insurance is activated with assigned Medicaid ID number. Click here to learn more about the locations and hours for Maryland Health Care Access locations throughout Maryland.

Supplemental Security Income: If interested in applying for SSI to receive supplemental check each month to help with any ongoing medical and other expenses, visit a local Social Security Office to obtain an application and receive help from their medical providers in completing it and submitting it in person to the office. Click here for a comprehensive list of offices in Maryland.

Maryland Legal Aid Hotline: (888) 360-3392

Women’s Law Center of Maryland: (410) 321-8761

Family Law Center (a joint project between the Women’s Law Center and Maryland Legal Aid): (800) 845-8550

For Public Housing: Click here and under the "public housing" options, you will find a list of buildings. There is also the Housing Choice Voucher Program in Baltimore City and you can find their website here.