Leadership In Training Program

The Leadership-in-Training ‘LIT’ program is a two year program for 16 and 17 year old’s. Year one includes a lot of discussion, education and activities around the complexities of the transition to independence in adulthood with diabetes. Year two, 17 year old’s, will maintain that focus and add what we need them to know to be successful staff members. While participation in the program does prepare one to become a camp staff member completion does not guarantee you will be accepted as staff. The thrust of the program is to be of support to teens during these transitional years to independence. Our senior staff lead this program and participants will have counselors and receive the same medical care as campers. While participants will have no supervisory responsibility of campers each participant will receive approximately 30 hours (may vary) of community service for their participation in the program. The cost is $600 and financial assistance, including for transportation and the cost of supplies, such as bedding, etc. is available by completing the LIT registration.  We will give consideration to 15 year-old’s who wish to join the LIT program whose birthdays fall by September 1st.  For 16 and 17 year-old’s new to camp you may join the LIT program at any age. All 18 year-old’s, regardless of completing the LIT program, are eligible to apply to join the camp staff.